Lara Ovídio investigates time through images and text. In her work, she resorts to stories and landscape of a town under water in the countryside of the Northeast region, to absences imbedded into places, and to ghosts that may inhabit houses. In her most recent project, Territórios Perecíveis (Perishable Territories), she works with actions and creates methods to scrutinize everyday life. In such a way, she tries to find the days that have gone by exploring the dialogue between photography, performance, text and object. These are the matters of her experimentation - her things, her body, and the landscape.

In 2014, she lived in Mexico City and attended the Seminar on Contemporary Photography, having been selected to participate in the program that same year. In 2015, her work was selected for the VI Prêmio Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia award and the 21º Salão Anapolino de Artes. 

She is currently working in the research Project Invenção de Arquivos Cotidianos (Inventing Daily Life Files), as part of the Master’s Degree program in Visual Arts at UFRJ. She also works as a photography teacher and freelance photographer.

Lara Ovídio investigates time through images and text.